About Spitcast

Lifelong surfers, dissatisfied with the ambiguity of other surf forecasts, we had a hunch that we could build a tool to more precisely predict surf conditions at surf spots. Spitcast was subsequently born. Thrilled by the results, we've used it everyday since to find surf, and shared it with you and many of other surfers. We continue to actively contribute to this project, increasing prediction accuracy, adding surf spots, and expanding onto new platforms. Ultimately our goal is to further innovation in surfing. If Spitcast has helped you find surf, we encourage you to get involved and support this project. Get involved!

About The Cali250

Spitcast is easily scaled, so one initiative we are working on is the Cali250. The Cali250 is our effort to predict surf at 250 spots in California. To accomplish this we are taking road trips to explore the coast and research surf conditions at spots throughout the state. You can follow our journey by liking us on Facebook and meeting up or surfing with us as we pass through your town. Like us on Facebook..

About Jack

Dad, surfer, husband, in charge of all things mathematical and technical. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Jack began exploring California's coast in his youth from the passenger seat of his mom's Volvo station wagon. He spent his college years studying physics in Santa Barbara, and now lives in San Francisco where he works as a software engineer. Learn more on LinkedIn.

About Stacey

Mom, surfer, wife, in charge of getting the word out. Born and raised in San Clemente, Stacey finds flow when laughing with Baxter and running barefoot on the beach. Favorite pastimes are leisurely days longboarding San Onofre with good friends.

About Baxter

Toddler, future surfer, son, in charge of keeping us centered. Born and being raised in San Francisco, with plenty of visits to San Clemente and Santa Cruz. Favorite pastimes are meeting dogs and whistling.

Uh oh, we have bad news!

Your broswer is out of date and does not support the HTML5 <canvas> tag, which Spitcast uses to draw forecasts. The good news is that the latest version of every major browser supports the canvas tag, so all you need to do is update your browser. It'll only take a moment.