Spitcast has an open API. This means you can code your own surf apps by leveraging Spitcast's trusted and accurate surf prediction algorithm. Drop me a note if you are planning to use the Spitcast API. I love hearing about interesting projects.

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The Fine Print

  • Public distribution of Spitcast API content must acknowledge Spitcast as the content source, and provide a link to Spitcast.com.
  • The Spitcast API is available for non-commercial use. Commercial use is possible by prior arrangement.
  • The Spitcast API is available for low request volume use. Please cache API responses. Please also make API requests to api.spitcast.com, and NOT to www.spitcast.com.
  • The Spitcast API is experimental and is currently offered on an ad hoc basis with no guarantee of uptime or availability of continued service. We reserve the right to disable access to external applications at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact me. We're flexible!

Optional Request Parameters

  • dcat: i.e. 'Date Category', which can equal 'day' or 'weekend' or 'week'. (default: 'day')
  • dval: i.e. 'Date Value', with syntax 'YYYYMMDD' or for example '20110510'. (default: today)


  • Endless Bummer NY Widget

    Todd Stewart's blog Endless Bummer chronicles the life of a surfer living without surf in New York City. Todd's Scoreboard Widget displays the current surf report at top California surf spots, and as joke displays the surf in Manhattan as always Flat.

  • Surf Alarm iPhone App

    Alex Medearis developed 'Surf Alarm', which sends push notification to your iPhone when the surf is going off at your favorite beach.

  • Surf Report CA Android App

    Charles Lee developed 'Surf Report CA', which brings surf forecasting to your Android phone.

  • SoCalSwells Facebook App

    Rob Higgins developed 'SoCalSwells', which mashes Facebook, Google Maps, and Spitcast APIs.

  • Surf Buddy Chrome Extension

    Blair Kutzman developed 'Surf Buddy', which gives you surf forecasts directly from your Google Chrome browser.

  • Surf Report CA Palm Pre App

    Charles Lee also developed 'Surf Report CA' for the Palm Pre phone.

Uh oh, we have bad news!

Your broswer is out of date and does not support the HTML5 <canvas> tag, which Spitcast uses to draw forecasts. The good news is that the latest version of every major browser supports the canvas tag, so all you need to do is update your browser. It'll only take a moment.