In the summer of '89, I took my first surf trip. My best friend and I packed our wetsuits and surfboards into my mom's Volvo Station Wagon; along with a copy of Bank Wright's classic "Surfing California". We drove the coast from Santa Cruz to the Mexico border, stopping at what felt (at the time) like every single surf spot; though we were nowhere close. We mind-surfed perfect six-inch peelers at Campus Point, were sandblasted by wind torn Silver Strand, ate the famous burgers at Jalama Beach, and scored summer swell peaks near the pier in Hunginton Beach.

That was the first of countless coastal California road trips. Guide books gave way to hunches and hearsay, which led to diaries, databases, charts, then algorithms. Spitcast is the culmination of all that. Decades of careful study. My predictions score me great waves all the time. I hope it blesses you with a similar bounty.